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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Best handwriting practice with demo app

Best handwriting practice with demo app

No. 1 Application to practice the forth skill of Language, the writing skill.
This app supports the students and even the elder people who need proper practice of writing skill.

It's a e-learning app, that needs no monitoring and personal guidance.

This app itself is a online teacher for you.

1. Once installed, it works offline.
2. Needs very less memory space.
3. Very handy app.
4. Has a demo of stroke practice.
5. Has a demo of the way we must write both capital and small letters.
6. There is a dedicated screen below each section to practice strokes and writing skill.
7. Just shake your mobile slightly to clear the practice done by you.
8. There is also a dedicated section to practice free hand drawing.

For any support and help, please contact Mr. Dipak Tanaji Dawar or visit youtube channel *edudeep*.

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